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The Serritella Connection

The Serritella family comes from Ricigliano and many still reside there. Several Tortorellos married Serritellas.

It seems as though the Serritellas have been helping the Torts for quite some time, some via marriage, some by showing visitors to Ricigliano (such as Jo-Ann Pryor) around town, and even in unravelling the mystery of the family name.

On September 26, 2000, Barb Serritella of San Diego wrote: "I am married to a Serritella from Ricigliano. We went back this past summer and had a wonderful time. Could your family have spelled their last name 'Turturiello'? While there, I received from the local doctor a book on the births, deaths, and marriages of Ricigliano from 1801-1935. I see many Serritella's, and, after seeing your web site the above surname appears."

Here is info from Antoinette Tortorello, a French teacher and descendant of Guiseppe, about some of the Serritellas:

"One of my student's, Samantha Massuci, is related to us through marriage. Last year, her father explained this to me. Here's how it works:

"Ralph Massuci (my student's father) is the nephew of Aunt Mil (Serritella) and Uncle Carm. Aunt Mil's sister is Rose (Serritella) Massuci (Ralph Massuci's mother and my student's grandmother). Rose married Ralph Massuci Sr. They had 4 children: Ralph Jr. (my student's father), Camille, Anthony, and Bill. Therefore, Ralph Massuci Jr. (my student's father) is first cousins with Joe Tortorello, Pee Wee, and Auntie Mary Ann.

"Ralph Jr. and his wife, Connie, live in Elmhurst and have 3 children of their own: Samantha Massuci (my student), Ralph Massuci III, and Joey Massuci. I don't have any information on the siblings (Camille, Anthony, and Bill), but I can get it if you want."

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