News and history for people named Tortorello, Tortoriello, Turturiello, and other variations.

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Ricigliano and Balvano are the ancestral homes of most of the Tortorellos (Turturiellos). They are not on most maps, but they share a train stop in the region of Campania, southeast of Salerno and Mount Vesuvius, and just north of Oliveto Citra. Ricigliano has official website with a map, several beautiful photos, historic and current info at! Balvano also has a site at

Here is more info on Ricigliano:

Ricigliano and Balvano have been destroyed at least twice by earthquakes. After the quake, Pope John Paul II visited Balvano. Balvano was also the site of the fifth worst train crash in world history when 521 were killed in 1944.

Click here to see ther regional map of Salerno including Ricigliano and Balvano.

Click here to see a closeup of the map showing Ricigliano and Balvano.

Click here to see Tortorella, south of Ricigliano and Balvano.

Click here to visit Ricigliano with Jo-Ann Pryor.

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