News and history for people named Tortorello, Tortoriello, Turturiello, and other variations.

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If you have new information, new names, dates, or other info to add, please contact us. Please help us be more accurate by trying to organize the info as it is on the other branches (see descendants of Giuseppe for an example). Please capitalize properly, spell carefully, and check dates for accuracy.

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We maintain an email mailing list of family members, and we occasionally send out notices of new information appearing on the site, or information about family events and activities. To be added to the list,

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If you have historic family photos, you can send them to us at Craig Goldwyn, 3601 Prairie Ave., Brookfield IL 60513. We will handle them carefully and scan them and return them promptly. If you prefer you can have them scanned at instant printers like Kinko's or at camera stores. Scanning historic photos is good insurance against fading. Send scanned images to

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This site is produced by Craig Goldwyn. I have been a Tortorello since I married Mary Lou Tortorello in 1974. Marry one and you become one. There are none more fervent than the converted. I do my best to keep this site up-to-date and accurate, but I have been known to make mistakes. If you spot one, or if you have info of interest to the Tortorello family, please contact me. I make my living as a writer, artist, and web designer. Please visit my web development site at and check out my art at

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Maintaining this website takes some time and occasionally work and personal life get in the way (there always seems to be another Tort wedding or christening or something). Sometimes it can take me a while to get info online. Please be patient.

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