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Virginia Trusiak (descendant of Francesco) sends this along

From: Virginia Trusiak
Date: Monday, September 4, 2000 12:20 PM

Here are pictures from Della's 90th birthday party. Della is in the red blouse sitting in the wheelchair. Our Aunt Rose Tortorello (maiden name: Tomacelli) is in the reclining wheelchair she is 92. I am in between the two of them. Rose was married to Della's deceased brother Rocco (Ray). In one of the pictures Della is holding the newest addition to the family. The baby is 5 months old is named Sophia Rose Zucchero. Della always enjoyed little babies so this was a treat for her. Also my son brought his dog because Della also enjoys dogs. Note: Rose died in fall 2000, not long after this picture.

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