News and history for people named Tortorello, Tortoriello, Turturiello, and other variations.

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Charles and Emily Tortorello

Letter from Betty Neel in Arkansas - 6/8/00

Hi, I really enjoyed the Tortorello site. My father is Charles Tortorello, Jr., son of Charles and Vera Cerceo and grandson of Francesco Tortorello and VitaAntonia Serritella. My dad married Emily Lullo, daughter of Adelina Landi and James Lullo, in 1943. My mother's family is from Oliveto Citra, which is, like we say in the South, "up the road a piece" from Ricigliano. My name is Betty and I am the oldest, born in 1948. I have two brothers, Charles (1953) and Joseph (1963) and a sister, Charlene (1961). My dad is a retired Chicago Fire Dept Chief and all of us, except for my brother, Charles, live in Fayetteville, AR since 1979. I am interested in genealogy and would like to know as much family history as possible. I am expecting my first grandchild in October and it would be wonderful to have something to pass down to my grandchildren. I am including a picture of my parents. As you can see, they are a "youthful" 75 years young. Thanks for such a wonderful site. If I can do anything to help, feel free to contact me:

Betty Neel
960 N Honore
Fayetteville, AR 72704

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