News and history for people named Tortorello, Tortoriello, Turturiello, and other variations.

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Ralph and Lena


Thanks to family members who have helped piece together the family history. Most of this genealogy can be found in the "Familia" section. Please send me updated info and I will try to keep up. To see the Familia section, click here.



We have posted maps to help you locate Ricigliano, Balvano, and Tortorella on the map, visit the Ricigliano website, and see pictures of Recigliano from Jo-Ann Pryor. Click here.


News & Events

As we get interesting new communications, we post them to this page. Maintaining this website takes some time and occasionally work and life get in the way (there always seems to be another wedding or christening or something). Sometimes it can take us a while to get info online. Please be patient.

A good book: Italians in Chicago

Italians in Chicago is a 128 page paperback with more than 200 vintage images and an insightful narrative. This important and fun book discusses the challenges of migration and ethnic survival as well as the trials and triumphs of daily life. Although the Torts are not mentioned by name, there are pictures of many neighborhoods, families, and ceremonies that are familiar to those who grew up Italian in Chicago.

Chapter titles include: Migration, Family, Work, Neighborhoods, Religion, Business, Balbo's Flight, Feste!, Social Organizations, Villa Scalabrini, Americanization, and Preserving the Future.

The author, Dominic Candeloro, is a former professor of history and the author of numerous articles for scholarly journals and international publications. He has served as the president of both Chicago's Italian Cultural Center and the American Italian Historical Association.

It is available from and you can for $19.99 by clicking here:

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